• The Rules of Golf govern all play except when modified by local rules. Local rules written on the scorecard do not apply.
  • XFactor Division will play by the Rules of Golf with the exception of 9 shot rule and no disqualification.


  • 9 Shot Rule:  A player may take no more than 9 shots per hole. Once a 9 is reached, a player must pick up their ball and wait
    for the other players in the group to complete the hole.
    Continuous Putting- When you start putting, finish putting your ball until it is holed.
  • Use of Tees:  Boys 7 and Girls 8 and under age divisions may use a tee during play of the hole but may not use a driver from
    the fairway
  • Placing Golf Balls:  All golf balls shall be placed instead of dropping with accordance to the rules.
  • Touching Sand:  Players may touch the sand with their club, but may not dig sand castles.
  • Desert Golf Balls:  Balls that are hit into the desert may be dropped on the nearest grass with a one stroke penalty.
  • Ball Accidentally Moved at Address:  No penalty through the green.
  • New Ball from Water Hazard:  Players may place a ball near but not closer to the hole where the original ball went in. No
    limit on club lengths (one stroke penalty).
  • Out of Bounds:  Players may place a ball near where the ball went OB not closer to the hole (one stroke penalty)
  • Caddy Rules:
    • No lessons
    • Help with yardages and alignment only
    • Allowed to stand behind player to align them. – no penalty if you forget to move
  • Disqualifications:  No player will be disqualified for any violations of the Rules of Golf. Exceptions: a player or caddie
    maybe disqualified for a code of conduct violation or unauthorized use of electronic devices.
  • Distance Measuring Devices:  Are permissible.
  • Doubt of Procedure:  If you are in question of a ruling and can’t reach a rules official immediately, please place another ball
    and play both balls out.
  • Pace of Play Policy:  14 minutes per par 3, and 15 minutes per par 4 is allotted to play each hole. If a group falls more
    than two holes behind the group in front of them, they will be asked to skip one hole and take the maximum score of 9 for
    that hole.
  • Spectator Policy:  Spectators in carts must remain on the path at all times and must remain behind the players being
    watched. Walking spectators must stay as close to the cart path as possible.
  • Caddie Use of Carts:  All player caddies may use a powered cart for use during play. The caddie may use the cart to shuttle
    the players between holes.
  • Electronic Devices:  No talking on cell phones. First offense: Warning; Second offence: 2 stroke penalty


  • Ties for 1st place will be broken with a sudden death playoff.
  • If weather or darkness prevents you from completing a sudden death playoff, the winner will be decided by a
    scorecard playoff.
  • Ties for all other places will not be broken. Points and awards will be split.
  • Scorecard Playoff Method: All ties for nine hole players will be determined on the basis of the best score on the last six holes, last three holes and finally the 9th hole.  If the players are still tied, continue backward from the last hole until a winner is determined.
  • If an event is shortened due to inclement weather, scorecard playoffs will be determined by:
    • 5 holes completed – last three, last hole